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Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya

Temple of Burma
Temple of Burma
Location: Opposite Sujata Garh Bridge, on Falgu River Road in Bodh Gaya
Importance: Built in 11th – 13th Century AD, this is the oldest temple in Buddha Monasteries. This temple reflects the ancient & rich architecture & culture of Burma (a land of 5000 temples). This is the only temple that is far from the temples of other countries. All the other temples are within the radius of 1 Km from the Mahabodhi Temple.



Temple of JapanTemple of Japan
Location: 1 Km from Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya.
Importance: Built by Indosan Nipponji in 1973 & inaugurated by then President of India Mr. V. V. Giri on 31st December 1973, this is the largest Monastery Complex in Bodh Gaya. In this Complex there is a Library & Free Dispensary for tourists & others. This temple reflects Ancient & Rich Japanese Architecture & Culture.



Temple of ChinaTemple of China
Location: Beside the Tibetan Temple, North of Mahabodhi Temple, on Bodh Gaya road in Bodh Gaya.
Importance: This temple was built in 1945 & rebuilt in 1997. In this temple there is a statue of Lord Buddha which was carried from China 200 years ago. This temple reflects ancient & rich Chinese architecture & culture.




Temple of TibetTemple of Tibet
Location: North of Mahabodhi Temple, on Tibetan Temple road in Bodh Gaya.
Importance: This temple was built in 1934 & there is a holy Dharma- Chakra built on the wall of the temple wall, there is a belief that one who rotates this Chakra three times, they will be free from all sufferings of the human life. This temple reflects ancient & rich Tibetan architecture & culture.



Temple of ThailandTemple of Thailand
Location: 1 Km from Mahbodhi Temple, after the Chinese Temple, on Bodh Gaya road in Bodh Gaya.
Importance: This temple was built in 1991. The temple reflects natural beauty also. The temple is a model example of rich architecture & culture of Thailand. Behind the temple, lodging facilities are available for tourists.




Temple of BhutanTemple of Bhutan
Location: Behind the Thai Temple on Bodh Gaya road in Bodh Gaya.
Importance: This is a very attractive temple. There is a beautiful garden in this temple. This temple reflects rich Bhutanese architecture & culture.




Ashoka PillarAshoka Pillar
Location: South of Mahabodhi Temple, situated in the middle of Mahabodhi Temple & Muchalind Pond in the temple complex.
Importance: One of the existing ‘Ashoka Pillars’ of Bihar, built with Sandstone, 15 feet in height. There are no inscriptions on this pillar.For this pillar there is a belief among the tourists that those who can hug this pillar completely will get all their expectations fulfilled of the life.Besides this, there are 5 other existing Ashoka Pillars in Bihar. One in Kolhua, Vaishali District (without inscription); two in Rampurva, West Champaran District ( one pillar with inscription); one in Louria Nandangarh, West Champaran District & one in Areraj, East Champaran District.

Sujata Place (Garh)Sujata Place
Location: 4 Km east of Bodh Gaya Temple Complex, on the other side of Falgu River at Bakraur Village, in Bodh Gaya.
Importance: Gautam Buddha came & first stayed at this place while coming from Gaya Pragbodhi Mountain (Present Durgeshwari Place). Here he learnt & understood the importance of Middle Path in human life. After this incident he understood about the right place to get enlightenment. He knew the right place & got enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree.
In the memory of this great incident, a Stupa was built here in the ancient period, which is now known as Sujata Garh. In 1974, archeological excavation proved that this Stupa was developed in three different time periods, Near this place, a Temple Complex can also be seen. In this complex, an ancient tree & a unique statue of Lord Buddha is situated in a small temple which was developed in modern period.

Bodh Gaya Archeological Museum
Location: Near Mahabodhi Temple, in Bodh Gaya
Importance: Small but beautifully displayed collection of Buddhist Sculpture & antiquarians from 1st Century BC to 11th Century AD is found in this museum.

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